PHP support

As well new projects, I support many different clients with their existing platforms.

Whether your developer has let you down or can no longer support your application, I can take over the support and help with any existing issues or new development.

There are many PHP developers out there but when you need PHP support you need to find someone who can work on an existing project and get to grips with the way another developer may work, a lot of developers will want to redo chunks of code taking time and money.

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Why hire me?

Deal directly with me. No agencies, no recruitment services or other third parties.  We can set up whatever contact preferences you like, direct email, support ticket platforms, whichever works best for you.

Proactive. I'll always raise awareness of any potential issues whether related to performance, security or best business practices.

Experienced. I've over 25+ years of development experience in agency, freelance and commercial roles in the fuel, retail, aviation and automotive industries.  I've built simple web sites, CMS platforms, billing platforms, integrated third party systems where the internal developers couldn't.

Trustworthy. Even if it means less work for me I will let you know if I think something can be done better, quicker or even if there is a third party service already available to do the job you need. I'd rather have a long term relationship with you.


I work with multiple clients in various different ways.

  • Monthly retainer
  • Bill by time
  • Fixed price work

Monthly retainer

Pay the same set amount each month for a predetermined amount of time (such as a day) to be credited to your account.  All development and support is logged against the credited time.  Credit can be banked so that its not lost if unused.  Due to the commitment shown by the client a reduced rate is available.

Bill by time

Same as the retainer but without the upfront commitment, billed at the end of each month.

Fixed priced work

Only available on projects which I have taken over after a set period of time or where a new project is required.

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