Remote freelance PHP developer

I'm a freelance PHP developer living in the UK near the sandy coast of the Gower, Swansea.  I undertake work for clients across the UK, US and Europe.

I've been a developer for 25+ years working within the industry, as part of an agency, a business partner and a freelancer - hopefully I can help you on your next project.

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Why hire me?

Deal directly with me. No agencies, no recruitment services or other third parties.  We can set up whatever contact preferences you like, direct email, support ticket platforms, whichever works best for you.

Proactive. I'll always raise awareness of any potential issues whether related to performance, security or best business practices.

Experienced. I've over 25+ years of development experience in agency, freelance and commercial roles in the fuel, retail, aviation and automotive industries.  I've built simple web sites, CMS platforms, billing platforms, integrated third party systems where the internal developers couldn't.

Trustworthy. Even if it means less work for me I will let you know if I think something can be done better, quicker or even if there is a third party service already available to do the job you need. I'd rather have a long term relationship with you.

My skills

PHP.  My main development language due to the amount of projects that require it.  I have experience in PHP from the very beginning when it was known as "Personal Home Page" after moving to it from Pearl.  The latest version is 8.2 and it is leaps and bounds better and faster than its ever been.  I've built my own frameworks from the ground up, I've used industry standard frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, LeafPHP and Laravel.

MySQL.  The majority of platforms I have built have used MySQL or MariaDB (its new open source sibling) as the data store behind the scenes.

CSS.  I use CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and lately TailWind to great effect, although I have a solid foundation in core CSS principles when custom CSS is required.

jQuery/VanillaJS.  I use both jQuery and VanillaJS for any frontend dynamic code.

Git.  All projects I work on are version controlled using Git so all changes can be seen and reverted if required.

Plain English.  I do not speak jargon or use overly technical terms when speaking with clients.  I know most clients do not have a technical background.

Scoping.  Timescales and costs can only be given when both parties know what's needed.  Getting the project requirements down in a simple worded document is the ideal way to start the process and to give both parties an idea of costs before going too far.

DNS.  DNS is often the last thing clients think of but when you are ready to put your project live DNS will have a part to play.  I can set up and manage your DNS including SPF, DKIM and DMARC to make sure your emails are not only sent but also received.

Deadlines.  If we've agreed deadlines then I will make sure to meet them, being late is something I do not like to do!

Testing.  All projects need good testing and not just automated testing, manual brute force checking of every aspect of the code will be done before its passed back to you.

Lets connect

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